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Sleepio is an online sleep improvement programme proven to help you clear your mind, get better sleep, and have better days.

Sleepio isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. It incorporates your unique needs to create a personalised six-week programme that you complete at your own pace. Each session builds on the last, guiding you step-by-step through methods proven to help you quiet your racing mind, reshape your behaviours, and get better sleep — all in about 20 minutes per week.

The programme uses cognitive behavioural techniques that are backed by decades of clinical research, and has undergone more testing than some of the most common sleep medications. In 12 randomised controlled trials with over 13,000 people, Sleepio was proven to help participants fall asleep 54% faster, spend 62% less time awake at night, and have 45% better functioning the next day. You’ll have access to all of this clinical evidence from directly within the app.


  • A personalised programme of clinically proven cognitive and behavioural techniques, designed to get your sleep schedule, thoughts, and lifestyle into shape over six tailored sessions.
  • A comprehensive onboarding approach with an in-depth questionnaire that shapes your tailored programme experience.
  • A Sleep Diary to track your progress and monitor your sleep efficiency as you work towards your sleep goals.
  • Instant, bite-sized support through the “Help Me Now” feature to get back on track after a long night or rough morning.