EOT2D – Early Onset Type 2 Diabetes for 18-39 Support Programme

Early onset diabetes service

  • A new service to support people with Type 2 diabetes who are aged 18-40 is launching in early June 24
  • It is a digital service and will be delivered by Oviva remotely, using the app, video messaging or by telephone
  • Eligible people with Type 2 diabetes have been sent this text message to access self-referral:
  • The service provides 12 weeks of support, education, diet and lifestyle advice specifically for people over 18 and under 40 who have developed type 2 diabetes and is run by dieticians and specialist health coaches
  • The service is specifically for the under 40’s because it is a more aggressive form of the disease, therefore extra support and education is very important for this group
  • The web-link in the text message explains the service and once the form is completed a member of the Oviva team will contact you to explain more about the programme


or click the QR code below

QR Code for EOT2D link
QR Code for EOT2D link