NHSThinkCarer – Unpaid Carers

Do I look like I care? (#NHSThinkCarer)

Do you look after, or give any help or support to anyone and are not paid for this?
Did you know that we can record that you are an unpaid carer on your medical record?

We can record the following information about you:

  • If you look after a family member, partner and/or friend who needs help because of their illness, frailty, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction and cannot cope without their support.
  • If you have a contingency plan in place for a situation when you cannot provide care. You might know this as an Emergency Plan, a Plan B, a Just in Case Plan, or something else!

We can remove this when you no longer provide help and support.

Please ask us to do this for you.

If we know you are helping someone else and they can’t cope without your support we can offer you help, advise and signpost you to support services.