Alzheimers Cafe UK – Farnborough Charity

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Phone: 07938 175002 (answerphone)

Programme 2021-22;    3rd Friday of the month (except April) Important: if you feel unwell in any way please stay home! Theme / topic (subject to change if necessary)

Sept 17 2021 Start new season What is Dementia; how is it diagnosed?

Oct 15 Understanding memory and attention

Nov 19 The range of human emotions

Dec 17 Christmas Social (brief talk)

Jan 21 2022 Fear and anger: the lion emotions

Feb 18 Understanding denial

Mar 18 Adjusting communication

Apr 22 Getting help (date changed for Good Friday)

May 20 Understanding stress

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June 17 Grieving and guilt

July 15 Summer Social (brief talk) August Summer Break – no Café Sept 16 Start of new season