New Parent Support Page

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

This is our webpage designed to support you regarding your new baby registration and on-going GP care.

There is so much information available and this is an attempt to give you a summary reminder of what is due and when for example post-natal checks and immunisations offered.

To start with the first thing to do is to register your new baby with the GP practice.
Don’t forget to register your baby with the practice as it will soon be time to book your 8 weeks baby immunisations and your 8 weeks Mother & Baby Postnatal Check. Child registration forms can be collected from reception or downloaded from our website;

You will need to book an appointment when your baby reaches 6 weeks of age for the 8 week checks ups for you both and for baby’s first immunisations.  

A guide to immunisations for babies born on or after 1 January 2020 – GOV.UK ( 

If you have any concerns about your baby’s health you can access advice in many ways.  

Your baby’s health and development reviews – NHS ( 

Your local pharmacist can give advice around minor ailments such as skin conditions and colds,  your GP can advise on health matters by telephone or in person (where appropriate) and for urgent or out of hours queries you can call 111 or access their webpage,  for advice and guidance. 

Get medical help – NHS 111 

Further advice about caring for your baby can be accessed at Start4Life ( 

Breast Feeding Support

Please see the PDF information leaflet in the viewer below. To view the original accessible PDF in a new browser window, please click here.

Aldershot Health visiting Service Details (Rushmoor Team for Aldershot Patients)

Your Health Visiting Service

The main website for Children and health visiting services is