Welcome to Wellington Practice

Jubilee Bank Holiday period and the weekend 3/6/22 – 6/6/22

We have not turned off access to eConsult should you wish to raise one over the Jubilee Bank holiday weekend period but we will not be able to respond to it until we open again on the Monday 7 June 2022.  Please call NHS 111 for any urgent issues that you think cannot wait until the Monday when we are open.

“We are open” – we have never closed but we did change how we offered care in the height of the pandemic.

We are offering our normal patient services albeit with a telephone triage process to ascertain if you need to be seen in person on the day or if it can be dealt with in a different way.  Don’t forget e-Consult https://wellingtonpractice.webgp.com/ can still be a good choice to access patient care.  Full details on our website.  We continue to offer routine appointments up to a week ahead, some in person, some on the telephone in addition to an urgent request on the day.  Our excellent experienced paramedic can see patients for minor ailments on Monday mornings – it doesn’t have to be the GP.

It is not uncommon for our telephone lines to be very busy especially first thing in the morning so please do bear with us.

Repeat prescriptions can all be done via your own online patient access or via your nominated chemist (pharmacy).  Only very few prescriptions need to be paper based and we fully encourage electronic prescriptions, they are safer, more secure and easier to track.

If you have a chronic long term condition, and you are due for an annual review, you will be invited for an annual review during your birth month. We will be trying to reduce the amount of appointments you need to attend and cover all topics as efficiently as possible. It is important you attend these appointments when invited.

If your contact details have changed recently, especially your mobile phone number, please ensure you update these while contacting the practice or email us at


Take a look around our website to find information about the surgery and the health services we can provide for you and your family.


Anyone in England can register with a GP surgery. It’s free to register. You do not need proof of address or immigration status, ID or an NHS number.  The one time we ask you to prove your identity is if you require access to your medical records.

If you’re homeless, you can give a temporary address, such as a friend’s address, a day centre or the GP surgery address.

Further information can be found on the NHS website


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