UTI PROCEDURE (Urinary tract Infection)

Poster: Don't Wait Days to Treat a Urinary Tract Infection
Poster: Don’t Wait Days to Treat a Urinary Tract Infection

CLick here to view the POSTER OF SYMPTOMS (PDF)

Please download this (PDF) form CLICK HERE and follow the procedure.  Our process has been re-designed to reduce the inconvenience to patients and to speed up the process.  You will now be required to fill out the symptoms form and hand it to us with a sample in a suitable secure container.


fill out the form and come to the surgery and use one of our urine bottles and produce the sample at the Health Centre. CLICK HERE to download the (PDF) form.


    1.   Hand in the sample to reception along with the symptoms form.
    2.   We will NOT accept a sample without a fully completed form
    3.   You will be advised of the results as soon as possible but should be on the day
    4.   If the result is normal (no infection) the reception staff will call you to tell you this.
    5.   If it is tested as an infection (abnormal result) the clinician will contact you
    6.   You may be prescribed antibiotics