COVID-19 Vaccination Information

How to book your COVID Vaccination

As a GP surgery, we will be inviting patients by NHS-wide established groups based on risk to health and transmission. As of 13/7/2021, we have invited all patients aged 18 and over for their first vaccination. If you have queries about this, please email us at where we can deal with your enquiry swiftly.

Once you’re eligible, we will send a text message to you with a link to book your appointment at Princes Hall, Aldershot. If you don’t have a mobile number on your record, we will phone you and book this manually. If we cannot reach you, we will send a letter and you can contact us to update any out of date contact details and make us aware if you’d like the vaccination or not. You will not be offered a second appointment, this will be arranged much closer to the 8-12 week mark.

On the day of your appointment, please do not arrive early and please come alone if you can. Access to Princes Hall is ground level, with no steps and free parking is right outside. It is well signposted and volunteers are there to offer support and information.

In addition to the above GP/PCN led arrangement, the Government & NHS have organised ‘mass vaccination sites’ and invitations to those will be by letter from central departments. The sites you will be asked to travel to may well be some distance and while there are local options available, these will only show if there are appointments available. Follow the instructions on the letter to book these appointments.

Wellington Practice will be inviting groups of patients at the rate we are allowed to from guidance provided by the NHS and we are working hard to ensure the most at risk are booked at the earliest opportunity.

If you are housebound, please advise us and we will make arrangements for your vaccination to be given in your home.

If you have any COVID vaccination queries, please email us at where we are best placed to deal with your enquiry swiftly.

More information on priority vaccination groups can be found here

More information on the COVID vaccine can be found here

You may be asked for your NHS number, you can do this online

Covid-19 vaccination image. Find out about the roll-out at

Transport to COVID Vaccination

Rushmoor Voluntary Services are able to help with transportation to your local vaccination centre using their Dial-A-Ride buses.

The buses have all been adapted to be compliant with all current safe-travelling guidance to make them as safe and secure as possible.  This includes reducing the passenger capacity to ensure social distancing, regular cleaning and sanitising, open windows to ensure ventilation and having hand sanitizer available.

They pride themselves on having polite, helpful and courteous staff driving their buses.  They will assist you if required, maintaining a safe distance. The buses can accommodate scooters, wheelchairs and walkers.

They ask that all passengers, unless medically exempt, wear face masks and use seat belts whilst on our transport.

The will pick you up from home at a pre-arranged time and take you to your local vaccination station and afterwards return you back home again.

There is a small charge for this service of £3.20 or £2.40 with a bus pass which is payable to the driver either by contactless debit card or cash (exact money please as we do not carry any change).

To book your place please call our booking line on 01252 398451 which is available Monday to Friday 9.30am to 12.30pm

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What to Expect After Your Vaccination

Please find information on the links below regarding what to expect after your COVID vaccinations:

What to Expect After Your Vaccination- English (PDF)

What to Expect After Your Vaccination- Nepali (PDF)

COVID Vaccination in Pregnancy

Please see this leaflet regarding COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy

COVID-19 vaccination in Pregnancy- English (PDF)

COVID-19 vaccination in Pregnancy- Nepali (PDF) (Not currently available)

AstraZeneca Vaccines

The Government has confirmed that no Covishield vaccines have been administered in the UK and that all AstraZeneca vaccines given in the UK appear on the NHS COVID Pass as Vaxzevria. The NHS COVID Pass is the digital version of individuals’ proof of COVID-19 vaccine status, which has been available for international travel since May. The European Medicines Agency has authorised this vaccine and the Government is confident that travel will not be affected. The EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate is currently for EU citizens only, or third country nationals legally staying or resident in the EU.

Information for patients about how to get an online or paper version of the NHS COVID Pass is on the NHS website.

Easy Read Resources

COVID-19 Vaccination Easy Read Guide (PDF)

What to Expect After Your Vaccination- Easy Read Guide (PDF)

COVID-19 Vaccination for Women- Easy Read Guide (PDF)

COVID-19 Vaccination Consent Form- Easy Read Guide (PDF)