EPS4- New Prescription Services

Wellington Practice is now EPS4 live – this means that you can choose to have your prescription sent to the NHS Spine, so it will be available to any Pharmacy of your choice for them to download so you don’t need to visit the surgery and it won’t affect your usual Pharmacy nomination.

For example, we may opt to send your prescription in this way if you are unable to get an item due to stock availability at your usual pharmacy – so you don’t need to change your nomination, because it’s just a one off, making it easier for you to control. You will need your NHS number to hand to show the Pharmacy of your choice so they can access your prescription.

If you don’t usually have a nominated Pharmacy, your prescription will be sent to the NHS Spine – please visit your chosen Pharmacy as normal and present your NHS number. The Pharmacy will be able to access your prescription. You are not tied down to a Pharmacy with this service.

Electronic Prescriptions are beneficial as we are able to track their progress in the supply chain with more ease. It also means you do not need to visit the surgery to physically collect a prescription – so it is a faster way to get your medication.