MAY Measurement Month (Blood Pressures)

May Measurement Month

Health and care services across Frimley Health and Care are raising awareness about the importance of knowing your numbers and regularly checking your blood pressure.

Helping people to tackle the hidden danger of high blood pressure is part of Frimley Health and Care’s ‘Living Well’ ambition, which is a programme aimed at supporting all people to have the opportunity to live healthier lives, no matter where they live or what their circumstances are. The ambition is for everyone to have more years of healthy life, with more opportunities in education, work, accommodation, with healthier lifestyle choices and increased wellbeing.

Know Your Numbers! This #MayMeasurementMonth, we’re asking do you regularly check your blood pressure? Frequent checks can help you spot high blood pressure, or a rise, so that you can take action. High blood pressure can be addressed through simple lifestyle changes and by seeking support of a healthcare professional. Find out more now:

2 Videos of Dr Nanda short video (why it’s important to check your blood pressure)

Do you know your numbers
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